New Works in the Gallery


This past Saturday, Coni Grant made a stop in Colorado Springs to spend the night visiting and on Sunday morning we stopped by Phantom Canyon restaurant and brewery to pick up the paintings from a joint show Wildland.Wildlife. that just ended. It’s always fun to visit with my fellow artists and hear about how their careers are going and what their gets their creative juices flowing. For Coni, it is being out in nature painting “plein air” That is “out of doors” as I learned it in the numerous art history courses I took in college.  The changing light and shadows moving across the Colorado landscape and being in all kinds of weather really nourish her soul and that is poured into her work. Coni is very accomplished at what she does, hold’s a Masters Degree in Art, teaches in the San Luis valley where she lives and is a member of the Plein Air painters of Colorado. She is among the artists in that group who will have an opening in Denver this Saturday night the 10th of August at Abend Gallery on Colfax. If you are in the area please visit the show! Then a little later this fall she will venture down to beautiful Sedona, AZ to paint for an entire week amongst the stunning red rock formations that make Sedona such a great place to visit. Here’s a link to the 2013 Sedona Plein Air Festival  I can’t wait to get paintings in the gallery from that trip! Featured above is Big Trees, a monumentally sized oil on panel that I brought back to the gallery along with 4 others that you just have to see in person to appreciate. Stop on in and visit Coni’s beautiful artworks, maybe you’ll want one in your home too!

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