A Visit with Buffalo Kaplinki at His Studio

buffalostudio1A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of another visit to the studio of famed artist, Buffalo Kaplinski. I still can’t believe that an artist whose work I had admired from afar and for more than twenty years is now represented by me and my gallery! Buffalo is quite a character and has many interesting stories to share as his career has spanned over forty years. His studio is located on a charming parcel of ranchland near Elizabeth, Co.


Here’s an exterior shot. The property itself and some of the building are historic and date back to 1892. It was used as a stage stop and then later it was a dairy. The studio building was an old grainery and Buffalo has spent 35 years doing all kinds of restoration on the property, restoring many of the old buildings to their original charm. As an aside, Buffalo raises a small herd of longhorns on his property, which have been painted many times by me. They are the sweetest cows, here’s a photo of one of the females, always willing to pose for the camera!


Now back to Buffalo’s art, which is really incredible, totally unique, highly sought after, I could on….but instead I asked him to describe his work, which will be quoted “It’s difficult to really describe my work , I try to use watercolors in a wet, fluid approach with contrasting brush work, trying to be direct in handling. When I work on location I move things around, my fear is for somebody to see what I’m painting-look at my paper and wonder? When they see me (an old hippie) That explains it all! One time I was painting a waterfall in Yellowstone- a guy asks “What do you call your style of art” I told him him and his response was “CRAZY”

ImageBuffalo’s favorite subject matter is everything! He’s painted architecture, old trucks, old mining building, anything old and with history, but his landscapes of Colorado and Utah are what he’s best known for. The fall is his favorite time of year and as you can see by this gorgeous painting titled “Maroon Bells, Ultimate Vision” capturing our state’s golden aspen trees in the fall, is one of his favorite scenes to portray. Buffalo has also travelled extensively to paint. He loves Islamic architecture and has painted in Instanbul, India, South America, the American Southwest and he’s gearing up for a painting trip to the African continent. Buffalo loves to paint plein air (french for working on location) and most of his work is completed right there on the spot.  Another quote here from Buffalo “I work in the studio at times, perhaps using a Plein Air painting as a guide! I also work from photos when needed-the trap that some artists fall into is they copy photos! I want to interpret!”

ImageHe has also had numerous one man shows, museum shows and invitational plein air shows. Buffalo has had such a substantial, long term career that a book has been published about his work and history titled Passionate Landscape. If you would like a copy, inquire with me at the gallery and I always have a lovely selection of his Acrylic on Canvas paintings.


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