Welcome Timothy Nimmo to the Gallery!

Birth of the Sacred Stag, Side View

Birth of the Sacred Stag, Side View






This past March, I participated in the Western Spirit show again. This is a show of more contemporary emerging Western artists that takes place at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I found 3 of my other gallery artists Will Ersland, Audrie Mergelman and Sonja Caywood there too. As I walked around the show I saw a lot of sculpture. But the ones that stood out to me were by Loveland, Co. artist Timothy Nimmo. The execution, finish and dynamic movement in these pieces transfixed me! I got back to my gallery in Manitou and couldn’t stop thinking about them and how I would like for Tim to be my first sculptor for my gallery. Well lucky me, I took a chance and called him and after several conversations, we were set. Tim brought several pieces down for me to sell for him. I’m already getting a great reaction off of them. His Birth of the Sacred Stag is right in my front window and stops people in their tracks!
As you can see in the example here, Tim’s deer and antelope inspired animals have a twisting and writhing movement to them. Tim is inspired by thousands of years old Scythian tattoos and art of antiquities from Egypt, Africa, the Celts and the Orient and modern sculptors such as Brancusi, Manship, Marini and Moore. The animals represent the transition between the spiritual and physical realms. Tim is a signature member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists and an associate member of the National Sculptors Guild.

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