Creating a Successful Gallery Show and Opening


Creating a successful show starts off with great art and professional and talented artists. Throw in the right mix of marketing and buzz, and it’s a recipe for success! Here’s the story of how it all happened. My gallery will be 3 years old this December. When I first started it was my signature gallery, featuring only my art. As I was able to grow the physical square footage I added very good painters who were both established and business oriented artists. First up was Laura Reilly and Deb Komitor. Then my wish list came true as Buffalo Kaplinski and Coni Grant came on board. My vision of selling and curating “Art of the New West” was materializing. I participated in the Western Spirit Show in Cheyenne and fell in love with the art of Will Ersland and Audrie Mergelman and they came on board. Next up was my first sculptor Timothy Nimmo, once again, a high degree of talent and perfection in the quality of his work! 2 incredible women artists then contacted me for representation, Sarah Webber and Peggy Judy. Bulls eye on making the decision to say to say yes. Sarah I had known through our representation at Wilde Meyer in Arizona and our participation in the prestigious Mountain Oyster Club Show and Peggy, well her work wowed me when I clicked on her link and looked at her portfolio. Then it was time to add Tim Deibler, one of my favorite Colorado landscape painters and Ray-Mel Cornelius from Texas, whose work I had been admiring thanks to his ads in Southwest Art. Another painter whose work I admired and fellow alum at Wilde Meyer is Bill Colt, he joined this summer. Finally I added Cassandra Sharon, whose whimsical sculptures of horses and animals add a nice balance to the sculptural work of Tim’s. I am truly grateful for their talent and am so happy to count these amazing people as friends.

This brings me to photo pictured in this post. I’m standing in between husband and wife painters Tracy and Sushe Felix whom I met 20 years ago when I first moved to Colorado Springs. I have been an admirer ever since! Their show “Common Ground” which opened on October 18th has actually been in the planning stages for a year and a half. They are successful and highly sought after painters who are represented in some of the best galleries in the west as well as museum collections up and down the front range. They used to live in Manitou Springs and are well-known in the Pikes Peak region. I had a dream of hosting a show for them once the gallery became a reality. I was so pleased when they said YES!  Planning and strategizing for this show began nearly a year ago. I had inked a deal to do advertising with Southwest Art and I knew one of my ads would be for this show. Likewise, asking for Southwest Art to interview them and include an editorial in their popular magazine. As the show got closer, I contacted our local newspapers. I knew their story and background here would be of interest to their readers. Combine all the social media promotion, postcards mailed, email newsletters sent and you have the perfect mix for a soon to be nearly sold out show! It takes a lot of hard work, planning and good timing. Now it’s on to planning some interesting shows for next year. I want to be the premier gallery in our area, heck, in the front range, for beautiful contemporary Art of the New West. My customers and collectors expect nothing less!

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