Good Tidings from the Gallery!

As we approach the Christmas Season, I wanted to write a little bit about how grateful I am for celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of my gallery! It’s turning out to be everything I imagined. A wonderful grouping of artists, along with a growing base of admirers and collectors. I foresee a rosy future. I love the art market and recently traveled to Tucson where I participated in 4th Mountain Oyster Club Show! It was great to get there a day early and visit Wilde Meyer, who represents me in Arizona, along with Settler’s West and the Mark Sublette Gallery. Excellent venues that I aspire to be as successful! While at the Mountain Oyster Club show, I had the pleasure of meeting William Haskell, Robert Duerloo , Bobbie Krajnik, Sarah Phippen (granddaughter of the late, great George Phippen) and Bill Moomey. Wow, just to be in the room with some of the best western artists was amazing. And a big Thank You to artist Paul Hopman and his wife Pam for the hospitality and inviting me to stay in their charming home.

Before the month is over, hop on over to the facebook page to see the postings from the 3rd annual 100 for $100
Holiday Show. There were so many paintings that I didn’t create a page here for it, but am happy to send pictures to you of any of the artists whose work you may be interested in! Here are a few examples of the great art at a great price!


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