In the Studio with Peggy Judy

Peggy Judy always knew that she wanted to be an artist. As a girl growing up in Colorado, all she would talk about was drawing and horses. She came from a long line of artists – from her grandfather who was an illustrator for the Denver Post to her father who was a talented artist-turned-nuclear-engineer. In college at Colorado State University she studied Fine Art and Illustration. However, her love of horses would prevail in her life post-graduation.

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After college, Peggy held a variety of jobs from being the director of the art department at an Arabian Horse Magazine to freelance artist to horse trainer. Through it all, though, Peggy stayed consistent in her love of horses. Peggy has spent most of her life as a full time horse professional. She bred sport horses and eventually combined her love of horses with a veterinary practice that her husband successfully ran. Of course, Peggy continued with her art throughout her career as a horse trainer and breeder. However, she primarily focused on commissions and her freelance work wasn’t consistent. Ultimately, she loved animals and her love of art came second. However, that all changed just a few years ago.

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Peggy went to Michael’s to buy some paint. She said to herself, “Let’s see what happens.” Her love of creative work and her raw, natural talent was noticed quickly! Before long, her work was being featured in galleries and she was receiving regular commissions. Now, Peggy is focused on growing her work. “I want to develop more collectors, more international collectors,” she says. She believes that the key to success is being willing to evolve. Growing up in Colorado she was surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife. This is clearly reflected in her work, which centers on the natural beauty of landscapes, Colorado culture, and horses. “My goal is to give you a little bit of a different perspective of things you have seen many times before,” Peggy says on her website.

Peggy Judy’s studio is currently located in her stunning Colorado home, as is shown in the photos here. However, she has recently purchased beautiful acreage in the Colorado mountains where she is in the process of building a unique barn house. She is also known to occasionally paint out of the back of her massive 5th wheel – both while travelling and during the moving process. So many unique locations can only mean more interesting and equally unique paintings!

unnamed (34)

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