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The Great American Bison

The bison has always meant a lot to me. They are, in some ways, one of the recurring symbols of the American West. I use their imagery a lot in my work, and I admire other artists who do, as well. The animal’s majestic nature has always had a big

In the Studio with Audrie Mergelman

Source: In the Studio with Audrie Mergelman

In the Studio With Sushe Felix

Source: In the Studio With Sushe Felix

Shirle Wempner

Shirle hails from Big Timber, Montana. Raised on a ranch on the outskirts of Billings,  her experience growing up there inspired her to put on canvas what she so appreciates in nature. Shirl… Source: Shirle Wempner

Britt Bair

Britt considers herself a plein air painter at heart but when she started to travel to Ohio, Indiana and Rhode Island she developed a passion for painting cows.  Britt says “I started with ph… Source: Britt Bair

Rose Collins

Source: Rose Collins

Holiday Art Show

Source: Holiday Art Show

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