Chuck Middlekauff

Chuck Middlekauff grew up like many of us did hitting the road with his family on the kind of  vacations that a certain generation can really relate to. That’s why I love Chuck’s artwork. The nostalgia for Americana at it’s finest is on full display in Chuck’s colorful and intricately detailed work.  You’ll find something to love whether it’s Cowboys, boots, road signs, weathered barn doors or the humor and pop art so prevalent in his paintings. Chuck and his wife reside in Austin, TX and still love hitting the road together here in the West. As Chuck says “I am an artist. Art isn’t my job. It’s a way of life. It’s about feelings and emotions, concepts and observations, saying what I have to say with paint. I do my artwork for the love of it, and to share what I see and feel. Like Norman Rockwell, one of my heroes, I want others to experience the things of our culture, and of days gone by, but in a fresh and unusual way.”


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