Sushe Felix

Sushe’s work involves a combination of her ongoing interest in the American Regionalist and Modernist Art Movements from the 1930’s and 40’s and her desire to find new and different ways in which to depict the rhythms of life and the natural flow of motion found in nature.  As a native of Colorado, she feels her work is all about the brilliant color, dramatic forms and shapes, and the intense lights and darks of the American Southwest.  Although living in Denver now, Sushe was born and raised in Colorado Springs. Like her husband Tracy, she is well represented in the  Museum collections of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art, Denver Art Museum and the Sangre de Christo Fine Arts Center.

Sushe Felix, Sweeping Squall, Graphite on Paper, 6×10, framed 17×20.5 $800

Sushe Felix, Sunlit Desert Valley, Graphite on Paper, 8×10, framed 18×20 $800

Sushe Felix, Midnight in the Valley, Graphite on Paper, 4×8, framed 15.75×19 $700

Sushe Felix, Many Paths, Graphite on Paper, Framed under glass, 6×8, framed 15×16 $750


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